Visual Inspections


        With the use of eddy current technology our inspections increases the safety of everyone involved in the use, transport, and filling of scuba cylinders.  Plus, this is fast becoming a standard of the diving community.

Designed specifically to detect cracks in tank necks, the SIMPLE EDDY is easy to use and offers consistent test results.  As a manufacturer and exporter of nondestructive test equipment worldwide for almost twenty years,  you can trust our expertise in this field.

SIMPLE EDDY Advantages:

The test sensor (probe) is not threaded.  This design is an adaptation from the aerospace industry.  As the probe is not threaded, it is prone to less wear.   There are no special cleaning steps for either the probe or the tank threads in order to get consistent, repeatable, and reliable results.

Exact defect location is very easy with the use of a marker and a set of calipers or ruler.

The probe has been designed in such a manner as to enable its repair in most cases.   This lowers your operating costs.

The whole test can be accomplished blind. In addition to the visual aid, we have an audible alarm if the probe passes over a condition which is bad.  In fact, most operators never look at the machine. 



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Visual Inspection Rates:

Hydrostatic Testing Rates:

300 foot test chamber
All testing $20.00