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Emergency First

DAN, one of the world leaders in diver`s emergency training offers up-to-date training programs in CPR and First Aid, Use of Defibrilators, First Aid Techniques in diving related injuries with Oxygen Administration and much more.

The multilingual DAN Student Kits include a CD with a field reference guide plus additional support materials which enables you to learn all theoretical knowledge easily. You will be guided through all practical skills by a SSI/DAN Instructor.

SSI and other training agencies require a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate as a prerequisit for Diver Stress & Rescue- and all Dive Leader ratings. Due to the EUF regulations all Dive Leader Candidates must also submit proof of being trained in oxygen administration for diving emergencies prior to the certification. The DAN Programs fulfill these prerequisites and they are also officially recognized by other training agencies. SSI will promote DAN programs as their primary Emergency Training programs but also recognize the programs of other agencies.

The following DAN programs are offered by SSI:

• DAN Basic Life Support Provider (BLS)
• DAN Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for Scuba Diving
• DAN Oxygen Provider (O2)

Emergency First Response

Take a step toward emergency preparedness and meet PADI Rescue Diver prerequisites with Emergency First Response. As one of the foremost international CPR and first aid training companies, Emergency First Response gives you the confidence to respond to medical emergencies -- not just in the diving world, but in your every day world with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers too.

Emergency First Response courses encompass:

Contact your local PADI Dive Center or Resort to sign up for an Emergency First Response course today. Or, to learn more, visit the Emergency First Response website.